1. Lives of Devotion Photographs by Fernando Moleres[978084783304]

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    This collection of photographs, by one of Spain’s leading photographers, is a cross-cultural and interfaith exploration of what it means to devote yourself to the pursuit of faith. Throughout the world, and in almost every religion, there are people who withdraw from the world in order to explore their faith and spirituality. These photographs offer a series of portraits and scenes of monastic life in countries as diverse as Spain, Armenia, Eritrea, and Nepal. This life is based on spiritual values whose metaphysical element transcends time and space. Lives of Devotion demonstrates the amazing similarities that lie across the spectrum of faith—whether Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu or Buddhist. The monasteries featured include: Mount Athos, Greece; Koya San, Japan; La Oliva, Spain; Kumbh, India; Mont Saint Michel, France; Kopan, Nepal; Sera, Tibet; Saidnaya, Syria; Geghard, Armenia; Decani, Kosovo; and Pechory, Russia.

    About the Author

    Fernando Moleres is a leading Spanish photographer. He began his career documenting life in the slums of post apartheid South Africa. His photographs have appeared in many of the world’s most influential publications, including The Sunday Times, The Independent, El País, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Der Stern, Geo, Haaretz, and De Volkskrant.

    Praise for Lives of Devotion: The Many Faces of Faith…

    A stirring collection of portraits of monastic life from around the world.

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      ISBN: 9780847833047
      Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
      Pages: 255
      Language: English

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