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    Istanbul Architecture

    By Murat Gul, Trevor Howells

    The only comprehensive Istanbul architectural guide book in English, in a handy user-friendly size - Comprehensive and well researched: it includes architecture from the Byzantine era to modern high-rise.

    Includes accessible tours that can be made on foot; the city has been divided into 7 districts with background history, maps, and building locations marked. Istanbul is one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities of the world and this is reflected in the wealth of its architectural design.

    Istanbul Architecture covers more than two millennia and its buildings range from the lofty and many tiered aqueducts built by the Romans through to Ottoman mosques, with their attendant bath houses, schools and hospitals. In Beyoglu, across from the Golden Horn, banks, arcades, embassies and apartment complexes reflect foreign influences. Within this district, contrasting architectural styles such as Belle Epoque, Venetian, Gothic and Art Deco all exist quite happily together.

    Elsewhere along the Bosphorus can be seen Baroque palaces of the Sultans and charming yali, the unique Turkish waterside mansions. The background to this diverse range of architectural styles is the ultra-modern skyscrapers, bridges and other innovations of a technologically complex metropolis.

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    • ISBN: 9780949284938
    • Publisher: Watermark Press
    • Hardcover: 296 pages
    • Language: English

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