1. I Don't Like Where This Is Going: A Wylie Coyote Novel By John Dufresne[9780393244687]

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    I Don't Like Where This Is Going: A Wylie Coyote Novel

    By John Dufresne


    John Dufresne has been hailed by the New York Times as an original talent . . . whose] humor is frightfully dark, but . . . dazzling.

    I Don t Like Where This Is Going continues the misadventures of therapist-on-the-run Wylie Coyote Melville. Wylie has witnessed a woman falling to her death outside the Luxor Hotel. Troubled by the ensuing cover-up, he becomes a man on a mission, enlisting the help of his old friend, an ace card player and master magician, to help find answers.

    The duo's escapades range from poker tables to desert highways, from bordellos to child beauty pageants, resulting in a thoroughly satisfying and hilarious whodunit.

    About the Author

    John Dufresne is the author of six novels, including No Regrets, Coyote. Among other honors, he has received a Guggenheim Fellowship and is a professor in the MFA program at Florida International University. He lives in Dania Beach, Florida.

    Product Details

    • ISBN: 9780393244687
    • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
    • Pages: 256
    • Language: English

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