1. Trees & Forests of America By Tim Palmer[978081097294]

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    Trees & Forests of America

    By Tim Palmer


    Trees & Forests of America is an unprecedented collection of 200 stunning photographs by award-winning author Tim Palmer. Along with breath-taking images, his expressive text celebrates the exquisite beauty of nature and explains why trees and forests are important to all life. In this remarkable volume of unaltered photos it is easy to get lost in sunbeams shining through green canopies or in the sky-reaching rise of the largest living organisms on earth.

    Here the author of Abrams’ highly acclaimed Rivers of America continues to document and capture the beauty of America from one coast to the other as he treks, skis, and paddles to some of our most remote woodlands as well as to those at the edges of towns and cities. This lavish book is sure to inspire readers to more fully appreciate trees and forests everywhere.

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      ISBN: 9780810972940
      Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
      Pages: 224


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