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    In 1905, a young sociologist named Lewis Hine Wickes decided to pursue photography as the medium with which to denounce injustice and poverty. Hine was one of the first photographers to document the wave of mass immigration from an impoverished Europe to an economically booming America, and his portraits of immigrants at Ellis Island offered a more positive image of this influx. Later, while working with the National Child Labor Committee, Hine compiled a vast corpus of images that showed how American industry was making use of child labor, helping to bring about changes in U.S. child labor law. But as he wearied of photographing poverty, Hine developed an idealized vision of the worker that emphasized the dignity of labor--a vision that culminated in his legendary Men at Work series, first published in 1932 and today a classic American photobook. "We call this the Machine Age," he wrote in its introduction, "But the more machines we use, the more do we need real men to make and direct them." This beautifully produced volume, which includes a complete facsimile of Men at Work, is compiled from the collection of the George Eastman House, to whom Hine's son bequeathed his archive after his death. It includes both well-known series and recently discovered early works, plus rare family photographs, ephemera and a detailed chronology. The works are arranged in thematic groupings: "Ellis Island," "Tenements," "Child Labor," "Chicago and New York," "Pittsburgh," "Europe," "Black America," "Empire State Building" and "New Deal."


    The catalogue offers readers a new history of this great American photographer. A pioneer of what we might now call advocacy photography, Hine was aware of photography's power to inform and educate and influence as a form of mass media, as curator Alison Nordstrom points out in her essay for the catalogue. Hine understood his images not only as documentary evidence but as a specialised means to communicate information and ideas non-verbally.-Conor Risch Photo District News

    With visual exposés on child laborers, impoverished immigrants and war victims inthe early 1900s, Hine forged an enduring brand of concerned reportage for everyone from WPA photographers to contemporary photojournalists.-American Photography

    Commissions from the National Child Labor Committee produced some of his most haunting images: photographs of newsies, including one sleeping with papers for a pillow; a crowd of boy miners whose ghostly faces barely break the enveloping coal dust; a 5-year-old Mississippi shrimp picker. These images and more than 150 others are assembled in the handsome survey 'Lewis Hine' and capture Hine's belief in the essential nobility of labor.-Wall Street Journal

    About the Author

    Lewis Hine (1874-1940) was born in Wisconsin and studied sociology at the University of Chicago. He served as official photographer for the WPA and for the construction of the Empire State Building. His later years were filled with professional struggles due to loss of patronage.

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