1. Flora: The Art of Plant Exploration By Sandra Knapp[9780565093341]

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    Flora: The Art of Plant Exploration

    By Sandra Knapp

    A lavish, enchanting voyage of discovery through the history of some of our key garden plants, telling a story not only of science but also of adventure and human achievement

    Using exquisite botanical paintings from the Library of the Natural History Museum as its starting point, Flora examines the fascinating history of 20 plants including such favorites as cacti, daffodils, irises, magnolias, poppies, roses, tulips, and waterlilies.

    Sandra Knapp's text weaves scientific, historic, cultural, and artistic threads into a rich fabric of plant lore and tells the remarkable stories of the adventurous botanist explorers who braved disease, slave traders, war, jungles, and assorted dangers to collect plants now commonly grown in our gardens. With the aid of striking illustrations, Flora considers the compelling link between botanical art and the exploration of plant form and function, thus allowing us to appreciate and enjoy them all the more.

    The Library of the Natural History Museum is a repository for one of the most exciting and comprehensive collections of natural history literature and artworks to be found anywhere in the world. It holdsmore thanhalf a million artworks, comprising one of Britain's biggest art collections and representing all the great natural history artists. Flora was previously titled Plant Discoveries.

    About the author

    Sandra Knapp is an internationally respected botanist and an expert in the taxonomy and phylogeny of the nightshade family. She is the author of several books on botany and its history, including Alfred Russel Wallace in the Amazon.

    Book Details

    • ISBN: 9780565093341
    • Publisher: Natural History Museum, London
    • Hardcover: 336 pages
    • Language: English

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