1. Double Take: Portraits Over TimeBy Maggie Evans Silverstein[9780991327102]

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    Double Take: Portraits Over Time

    By Maggie Evans Silverstein

    These black-and-white portraits document the same children over time: They chronicle childhood, often over decades, and mark the delicate transition into adulthood. Some time after the last picture has been taken they or their parents look back with tenderness and candor about this wondrous period of time. Pulitzer-prize winning authors Madeleine Blais and Dave Barry have written essays on childhood for the book.

    About the Author

    Maggie Evans Silverstein is a portrait photographer living in Miami, Florida. Formerly an editor for Tropic, The Miami Herald s Sunday magazine, she wrote features and essays that included her photographs, and a weekly column on art and architecture. Her photographs have appeared in national photographic magazines and been exhibited at local galleries.

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    • ISBN: 9780991327102
    • Publisher: Books & Books
    • Pages: 112
    • Language: English

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