1. Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So By Lorne Resnick and Brian Andreas[9781608876747]

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    Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So

    By Lorne Resnick and Brian Andreas

    Award-winning photographer Lorne Resnick showcases the beauty and vibrancy of Cuba in stunning images captured over twenty years.

    Being in Cuba feels like falling in love with the person you know you were meant to be with. It’s exhilarating and bewitching. During more than fifty trips to the island over the past twenty years, award-winning photographer Lorne Resnick has sought to capture the experience of being in Cuba; the result is a collection of moments filled with passion, desire and laughter. Those moments, exactly so.

    Featuring over 250 extraordinary color and black-and-white photos, "Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So" provides a stunning portrait of the vitality of Cuban culture, the beauty of the island and the enduring spirit of the Cuban people.

    Organized around thirty micro stories by Pulitzer Prize nominated author Brian Andreas, and featuring a foreword by celebrated travel writer and Cuba expert Christopher P. Baker and an introduction by author Pico Iyer, this deluxe coffee-table book provides an immersive experience that combines gorgeous visuals, poignant stories and lavish production values.

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    • ISBN: 9781608876747
    • Publisher: Insight Editions
    • Pages: 336
    • Language: English

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