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    The subjects Christian Voigt photographs are incredibly diverse: a tattoo studio in Buenos Aires is at home in his repertoire next to New York's Morgan Library, while an enchanting landscape in Myanmar is juxtaposed with the clean lines of Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. He uses analog and digital large format cameras to create the desired effect of a greatly condensed image. And although the result generally gets a digital fine tuning, Voigt stresses that he develops his unique visual language with his camera, not a computer. Intense artificial color and imposing formats, such as his museum series with images that are eight meters wide, make viewers gape in awe and wonder. Voigt travels the world searching for interesting stories, which he then retells for us most impressively in his series of photographs.

    Christian Voigt was born in Munich and later moved to Hamburg, where he currently lives and works. Since his first show in 2009, he has had solo exhibitions in Basel, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, London, Saint-Tropez, Amsterdam, and Madrid. His oversize works have garnered top honors from a steadily growing number of collectors and admirers.

    • Publisher: teNeues
    • Hardcover: 208
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 9783832732837

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